5G Networks

What is 5G?

5G is a new generation of mobile networks, following the previous generation of 3G (which allowed bringing internet into cell phones and supported the development of smartphones) and 4G (offered much faster data transmission and allowed e.g. watching streamed videos while on your way) networks.

What new will 5G bring?

The main contribution of 5G networks is expected in changing the way of using our current equipment like smartphones or game consoles. 5G networks have the capacity to connect thousands of such devices at one moment, thus opening a space for development of new and innovative services.

Examples of the use of 5G networks:

  • Industry and larger automatization of the production thanks to higher throughput of the networks
  • Self-driving cars
  • Telemedicine

How far is Czechia with preparations?

Frequencies needed for deployment of 5G networks will be subject to auction planned for second half-year of 2020. Deployment of networks should start in 2021. Development strategy for the 5G network is being prepared also by the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Are 5G networks a risk for human health?

No, they aren’t. The same frequencies were used for long decades to transmit TV broadcasting from transmitters with output of order of magnitude greater than the 5G base stations can reach, and no influence on human health was ever described. However, there is a number of fake news and hoaxes on the Internet and public space. CTU set up a new e-mail address 5ghoax@ctu.cz to collect false information on 5G networks. CTU is prepared to disprove such news and information.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade published Information No. 20/2019 of the National Reference Laboratory for Non-Ionizing Electromagnetic Fields and Radiaton of the National Institute of Public Health, which reacts on growing fears and inquiries whether the Czech Republic is prepared for preventing health from 5G networks electromagnetic field (non-ionizing radiation).