Announcement of issuing a Decision on granting the postal licence No. ČTÚ-11 268/2022-610/XIV. vyř.

Under Section 36a(1)(b) of the Act No. 29/2000 Coll., on Postal Services and on Amendment to Certain Related Acts (hereinafter “Postal Services Act”), as amended, and according to Section 146 of the Administrative Procedure Code, the Czech Telecommunication Office Council has issued a Decision No. ČTÚ-11 268/2022-610/XIV. vyř. (only in CZ language) on granting the postal licence according to Section 22 of the Postal Services Act.

The Postal Licence Holder is obliged to ensure availability of these universal services:

delivery of postal items up to 2 kg to foreign countries and further at national level for postal items which are up to the metric of 35,3 x 25 x 2 cm and up to 1 kg of weight; delivery of postal parcels up to 10 kg to foreign countries; delivery of an amount of money by postal order; delivery of registered items; delivery of insured items; free delivery of postal items up to 7 kg for visually impaired persons; services that have to be provided on the basis of the obligations arising from the membership of the Czech Republic in the Universal Postal Union.

čj. ČTÚ-11 268/2022-610/XIV. vyř.
Department for Regulation of Communications and Postal Services

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