Call for comments on the draft measure of general nature A/3b/xx.2021-Y, - analysis of wholesale central access at a fixed location for mass-market products

According to Section 51 Paragraph 1 of the Electronic Communications Act, CTU published a draft measure of general nature A/3b/xx.2021-Y – Market No. 3b  - Wholesale central access at a fixed location for mass-market products.

Analysis of this relevant market follows the analysis of relevant market No. 3b (OOP No. A/3b/07.2017-4). Former wholesale market No. 3b is no longer included in the new Commission Recommendation (EU) 2020/2245, but based on the current Measure of General Nature No. OOP/1/05.2021-5 it is still considered relevant until the analysis shows that this market is effectively competitive or does not meet the three criteria test.

Comments to the draft may be sent by 22 December 2021 at the latest (time limit for sending comments was extended).

čj. ČTÚ-41 730/2020-611
Economic Regulation Deparment


Comments, opinions and views submitted by stakeholders according to Section 6 Paragraph 2 of the Public Consulatations Rules:

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