CALL for comments on the draft Measure of General Nature No. A/3/XX.2022-X, Market No. 3 – Wholesale Market of Access to Mobile Services

According to Section 51(1) and Section 131(5) of the Electronic Communications Act, CTU published a modified draft Measure of General Nature No. A/3/XX.2022-X, Market No. 3 - Wholesale Market of Access to Mobile Services.

The CTU did so following a public consultation held between 27 May and 27 June 2022, in which it received some substantial comments from stakeholders, requiring more extensive assessment and calculations, which required comments or additions to the affected chapters in the analysis. In the submitted version of the analysis, CTU has taken into account the comments received, and has also analysed the final EC decision on mobile network sharing in the Czech Republic and the commitments made by the entities concerned, and evaluated their impact on the assessment of competition in the mobile market.

Comments on the draft measure of general nature No. A/3/XX.2022-X shall be submitted within one month of the date of publication of this call, i.e. by 19 September 2022.


čj. ČTÚ-25 085/2022-611
Department of economic regulation

Discussion is closed.

Comments, opinions and views submitted by stakeholders according to Section 6 Paragraph 2 of the Public Consulatations Rules:

The results of the public consultation incl. settlement of comments.

Opinion of the Office for the protection of competition.

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