Changes in Personal Data, Issue of a Certification Duplicate

In the case of changes to the personal data of a certificate holder stated on the certificate (first name, surname, nationality), the certificate holder is obliged to apply for a change to the special competence certificate. In case of loss or theft of the certificate, there is a possibility to issue a duplicate of the certificate.

The applicant has to fill an application (Form 9 – “Application for the extension of the period of validity/the issue of a special competence certificate”). In the form, you have to tick a box "Application for the issue of a special competence certificate". As a reason of issuance should be stated "Changes to the personal data of a certificate holder" / "Duplicate of the certificate". In case of personal data changes, the applicant encloses a copy of a valid ID card with the application.

When applying for a certification duplicate, applicant must also submit a declaration of the certificate holder on a loss of the certificate, or a protocol issued by the Police of the Czech Republic in case of theft.

An administrative fee for changing a special competence certificate of CZK 200 (changes) / CZK 100 (duplicate) is to be paid in advance into the CTU account. A copy of receipt should be attached to the application.