COMMUNICATION on the result of public consultation on the draft decisions No. SMP/1/XX.2023-Y and SMP/3b/XX.2023-Y

CTU didn´t receive any comments or opinions on the draft decision No. SMP/1/XX.2023-Y, and has received one opinion on the draft decision  No. SMP/3b/XX.2023-Y from Vodafone Czech Republic a.s., which were submitted in accordance with Article 6 (2) Rules for Consultations at the Discussion Site during the public consultation held under the Section 130 of the Electronic Communications Act. According to Article 9(4) of the Rules, CTU does not settle opinions and views, but takes them into account in the final decision. For the above reason, no table on the settlement of comments has been drawn up.

Čj. ČTÚ-29 716/2023-611
Čj. ČTÚ-29 720/2023-611
Economic Regulation Department