Claims against e-communication services

Complaints may be lodged in writing or verbally in an official record or in electronic format, signed with a recognised electronic signature. They can be lodged electronically by way of an e-mail provided with a recognised electronic signature or by data message sent to the data box of the CTU (identifier: a9qaats). It must be clear from the lodging who is making the lodging, what it concerns and what is being proposed. The addresses of the CTU regional departments are provided in the Contacts section.

Under Section 129(1) of the Act on Electronic Communications, a subscriber or user is obliged when lodging an application for the commencement of proceedings on an appeal against the settlement of a warranty claim (a decision on a dispute) to pay an administrative fee of CZK 100 (under item 110(d), Tariff Rate, of Act No. 634/2004 Sb. on administrative charges, as amended), in that this must be paid within a time limit of 15 days of the date of delivery of the call of the administrative body (CTU) to pay the administrative fee. If the administrative fee is not paid within the relevant time limit, the administrative body will discontinue the administrative proceedings concerned.

A participant in proceedings has the right to lodge an appeal against a decision handed down in first instance administrative proceedings within 15 days of notification of this decision. An appeal is lodged with the administrative body which handed down the decision. A decision is taken on the appeal by the Chairman of the Council of the CTU. No further appeal may be made after this decision has been taken.

The final decisions of the Chairman of the Council of CTU on an appeal lodged against the decisions of CTU may be reviewed by the courts in civil proceedings according to Part five of the Rules of Civil Procedure.

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