Digital broadcasting

CTU recommendations before buying a new television set

The Czech Republic is currently preparing itself to switch terrestrial digital television broadcasting from the present DVB-T system to the more frequency-effective DVB-T2 system. The new system will allow viewers to receive high definition channels, further broaden the range of channels on offer and at the same time free up part of the radio frequencies for further development of mobile electronic communication networks used for high-speed Internet access.

In this regard, the Czech Telecommunication Office warns the general public, when buying a new television set, to pay heightened attention to the technical parameters of the new set. The use of a modern system of encryption termed H.265 or HEVC is expected for DVB-T2 terrestrial digital television broadcasting in the Czech Republic.

When buying a set for reception via cable television, CTU recommends asking for information from your cable television network operator.


You will find more information in the CTU information system for terrestrial digital television broadcasting at:

How to proceed in the case of poor quality radio or television signal reception-you will find some hints here.