Public Consultations

Consultations according to Section 130 of Act No. 127/2005 Coll., on electronic communications and amending certain related acts (the Electronic Communications Act), as amended, which are run at this discussion site are governed by the “Rules of the Czech Telecommunication Office for consultation at the discussion site” of 6 November 2013, which were published in Chapter 17/2013 of the Telecommunication Bulletin (Telekomunikační věstník) on 13 November 2013 (here).

24. 9. 2019
CALL for comments on draft of measure of general nature, part of radio spectrum utilization plan no. PV-P/23/XX.2019-Y for 59–105 GHz frequency band
26. 6. 2019
PUBLIC CONSULTATION TO CALL for comments on draft of the Invitation to Tender for Granting of the Rights to Use Radio Frequencies to Provide Electronic Communications Networks in the 700 MHz and 3400–3600 MHz Frequency Bands
15. 3. 2019
COMMUNICATION on issue of Measure of General Nature, part of Radio spectrum utilisation plan No. PV-P/10/03.2019-3 for the frequency band 470-960 MHz