Electronic data collection (ESD) - postal services

General information 


  • Operators which provide postal services or ensure foreign postal services (hereinafter referred to as “operators”) are obliged to provide the CTU, at its request, with the information laid down in Section 32a of Act No. 29/2000 Sb. on postal services and amending certain acts (Act on Postal Services), as amended.
  • The obligation of the operator to provide the CTU with information via a program application in an electronic form is laid down by the provisions of Section 32a(3) of the Act on Postal Services.
  • The obligation to submit the requested information to the CTU is fulfilled only by submitting it in electronic form via the ESD system, i.e. not by sending it in written form or via e-mail.
  • ESD is the eletronic  transmission of data via a secure protocol using prepared forms. The ESD system and the relevant electronic forms are available on the CTU website: https://monitoringtrhu.ctu.cz
  • Operators are called on, in writing, to request access data to the ESD system (electronic data collection system). After successfully registering in ESD, the operator is regularly informed of the location of new forms and the deadlines for submitting them. This information is provided in an e-mail sent to the contact address.
  • Forms are invariably posted for the period which follows the date which the operator indicates as the date of commencement of provision or ensurance of postal services.
  • CTU collects the information required for statistical findings as part of the state statistical service in the interests of minimising the administrative burden on business undertakings from the forms that also serve the purposes of international reporting.
  • CTU forwards the obtained information to international organisations, in particular to European institutions, most often the European Commission or the EU institutions (whose statistical authority is Eurostat). The European Statistics Code is available here.
  • Parcel delivery service providers providing services pursuant to Section 35a of the Postal Services Act shall proceed in the same manner when providing information pursuant to Article 4(3) of Regulation (EU) 2018/644 of the European Parliament and of the Council on cross-border parcel delivery services.

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