CTU's tasks within EU

Since the accession of the Czech Republic to the European Union (EU) (1 May 2004), the CTU ensures activities related to EU membership. It is currently the responsibility of the International Cooperation Unit, which co-operates with other specialised CTU Departments. In terms of EU relations, these activities include, in particular:

  • Co-operation with EU Member States' regulators.
  • Shared high-level responsibility for the approximation of the acquis communautaire in the electronic communications area, and co-operation with the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic (MPO) on works related to the administration of the databases of the Information System for the Approximation of Law (ISAP), which is administered by the Czech Government Office’s EC Law Compatibility Department, and provides data on the convergence of the Czech legislation with that of the European Community (EC). It provides users with relevant information, particularly on the EC legislation in force and on other related documents and their Czech translations. The Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade is the body with overarching responsibility for the approximation of acquis communautaire regulations and for ISAP database administration. The Czech Telecommunication Office co-operates with MPO’s Electronic Communications Department on the convergence process and – as a body sharing responsibility for individual legal regulations in the electronic communications area – it completes the relevant forms in the ISAP databases.
  • Cooperation with the Sectoral Co-ordination Group of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic on preparing materials for the meetings of the Working Group of the Council of the EU, for the meetings of the Committee of permanent representatives of EU Member States (COREPER), or joint meetings of ministers in the Council of the EU.
  • Participation in the Committee for the European Union at working level which is a working body of the Government of the Czech Republic determining and coordinating Czech positions in the EU.

  • Ensuring compliance with the commitments of national regulatory authority under the European Regulatory Framework for Electronic Communications, especially notification and communication obligations to the Commission and to other regulatory authorities of the Member States.