European Commission has published a package aimed to make deployment and utilisation of digital infrastructure more efficient

Prague, 23 February 2023 – Today, the Commission published long awaited package to make deployment and utilisation of digital infrastructure, incl. electronic communications networks, more efficient. The adopted package aims to make the deployment of gigabit networks in the EU faster and cheaper, in particular by reducing administrative costs and facilitating the joint use of existing physical infrastructure.

The package includes following proposals/drafts legislative documents:

Today, the Commission also launched a broad exploratory consultation on the future of the connectivity sector. The consultation will run until 19 May 2023.

The questionnaire focuses on the expected trends and needs of the sector, including the issue of necessary infrastructure investment. In his statement today, Thierry Breton, Commissioner for Internal Market, stressed that the proposed measure”……. make sure that everyone, everywhere in the EU, has access to fast and secure connectivity. But high-speed Internet requires high investments. That is why, in addition to facilitating network deployment in the short term, we are exploring the important question of who should pay for the next generation of connectivity infrastructure, including whether platforms should share the cost of investment in next generation connectivity with telco operators.”

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