Fight against corruption

Anticorruption email address of the Czech Telecommunication Office

On 10 June 2007, the Czech Telecommunication Office ("CTU") launched an anticorruption email address:

In addition to verbal, written, telephone and electronic submissions received by the electronic mailroom of the CTU (, citizens can also report cases of suspected fraud or corruption by an employee of the CTU via this email address. This special anticorruption address was set up at the CTU in connection with the implementation of the government-established task stemming from Czech Government Resolution No. 1199, dated 25 October 2006, on the Government Strategy for Combating Corruption for 2006-2011.



Given that the free anticorruption 199 line commissioned in September 2007 was cancelled by the Minister of the Interior on 30 April 2012 based on an evaluation of the effectiveness of its operation, the continued operation of the anticorruption email addresses of CTU in the future is warranted as justified. Given the above, CTU refers to the site in the fight against corruption.


More detailed information is available in Czech language only and can be reached by clicking „CZ“ in the upper right corner.

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