Fight against corruption

Reporting of unlawful conduct

CTU fulfils the Government Order on reporting of unlawful conduct.

According to Government Order No.145/2015 Coll., on measures related to reporting of possible unlawful conduct in a public service authority (so called "whistleblowing"), CTU adopted appropriate organisational measures.

The duties of the "inspector" will be performed by Šárka Němečková, director of Legislative and Legal Affairs Department. Her deputy will be Marek Beran, head of Legislative Affairs Unit. 

At the same time a letterbox for written announcements has been installed at the CTU premises at Sokolovská 219, Praha 9, approx. 3 meters from the entrance to the building in Bratří Dohalských street. The place ensures minimum possibility of disclosing the identity of the announcing person. This letterpox is dedicated solely to the announcements on unlawful conduct which must be marked „Oznámení o protiprávním jednání".

Announcements can also be sent by electronic mail to

The letterbox and e-mailbox will be checked on daily basis.

More detailed information is available in Czech language only and can be reached by clicking „CZ“ in the upper right corner.

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