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Useful information for the users of electronic communications services 

Last update: 05.04.2019

Guidelines for consumers: Special prices for the handicapped and senior citizens

Operators offer senior citizens and the handicapped special price plans. They can provide discounts of up to several hundred crowns.

The offers are availbale in different forms – for example a tariff provided exclusively to senior citizens, a discount on standard tariff, or a state contribution. CTU has prepared an overview of these special offers, together with valuable advice on how to save money.

Brochure - Special prices for the handicapped and senior citizens 449 kB | pdf

Guidelines for consumers: “Colour” lines and emergency lines

Are you under the impression that calling numbers beginning with 8 are free of charge? And that calling a number starting with 9 is “extraordinarily expensive”? It is not always that way.

These guidelines, published by CTU, will help you find your way around “colour” lines and their tariff systems. The brochure explains the characteristics of individual numbers and the call prices you pay for them. Information about colour lines is supplemented by a description of possible use and the principle of how the Single European Emergency Number "112" works.

Brochure – “Colour”lines and emergency lines 771 kB | pdf

Press releases

  • Subscribers to voice electronic communication services frequently encounter problems with incoming calls from unknown numbers, which cannot be called back, or problems with calls for marketing purposes. Due to an increase of inquires, requests and complaints, on how to defend againts such practices, the Office published a Press Release "Information on the issue of unwanted marketing, malicious, or nuisance calls in publicly available telephone network of electronic communications", on 10 January 2011, available here (only in CZ).
  • In relation to introducing of new technologie, the Czech Telecommunication Office dealt with disputes over abuse of VoIP central offices. The abuse caused a considerable increase of costs on voice services for users of these technologies. The Office published a Press Release relating to this issue on 30 November 2009, "Securing of VoIP central offices and telephones", which can be found here. (only in CZ)

Problematic services and offers of electronic communication services

        (warning from the Computer Security Incident Response Team)

         (press release from the Council for Radio and Television Broadcasting)

Problematic radio and terminal telecommunication devices

You will find clear information about the division of radio frequencies and the use of individual frequency bands at:


Files are available only in czech version.