Get professional competence certificate on the basis of the test

For the operation of and work with:

• transmitting radio equipment placed on board aircraft and ships entered in the aircraft, shipping or maritime register of the Czech Republic;

• terrestrial radio transmitting equipment of a mobile aeronautical and mobile nautical service;

• radiotelephone and radiotelegraphic terrestrial radio transmitting equipment operated in the short-wave band;

• the radio transmitting equipment of amateur radiocommunication service.

the person operating the station must be, according to Section 26 of Act No. 127/2005 Coll., on electronic communications and amending certain related acts (Act on Electronic Communications), a holder of a valid professional competence certificate for the operation of this equipment (hereinafter referred to as a “certificate”) or, in the case of a legal person, it must be ensured that only a person who has such a certificate operates this equipment.


Types of certificates are issued under Decree no. 157/2005 Coll., on the details of enrolment for the examination of special competence for the operation of radio transmission equipment, on the extent of knowledge needed for different special competence types, on the manner of performing the examination, on the types of professional competence certificates and on the duration of their validity.

The award of a certificate is conditional on successfully passing a test of special competence or the recognition of competence acquired in a different EU Member State.

You can register for a test to prove special competence at the Czech Telecommunication Office by completing the set form, either electronically (interactively) or in writing – Form 10.

Contact details are provided in the Contact section.

Test registration

An administrative fee for the issue of a professional competence certificate of CZK 600 is payable in advance into the CTU account. A copy of receipt should be attached to the application.

You also have to attach one present photography (format 35 × 45 mm). The photograph must correspond to the person’s appearance at the time of filling the application, and also fulfil other criterias required for photos for obtaining ID documents.

CTU will invite you to take the test in writing not later than within three months of you registering. CTU will take into account the applicant's request for the date of participation in the test, however all applicants will be enrolled in the order of received applications and the capacity of the testing room. In case of the registration to the test, CTU will then send an e-mail invitation to take the test 14 days before the date of the test. Test dates are announced at least 30 days in advance on the CTU website in the  Announcement of test dates section. Tests are usually taken at the registered office of CTU in Prague (for Bohemia) or in Ostrava (for Moravia and Silesia).

Test procedure

The test begins with a written test on radiocommunication regulations, radiocommunication operation, electrical engineering and radio-frequency engineering, which, for some tests, is accompanied by an oral test (VFL, VFN, SRC, LRC, GOC, ROC and TEL certificates). At the request of the applicant, one part of the test for obtaining of the certificate HAREC or NOVICE may be also a practical verification knowledge of telegraphy.

Questions for written tests to obtain individual types of certificates for aeronautical mobile service, maritime mobile service and terrestrial radiotelegraphy, together with the correct answers.

Questions for written tests to obtain individual types of certificates for amateur radio service, together with the correct answers.

Outlines of oral test (for VFL, VFN, SRC, LRC, GOC, ROC and TEL certificates).

Test Regulations of the Czech Telecommunication Office, which lay down the procedure for providing and taking tests to prove special competence to operate radio transmitting equipment, to extend the validity of a professional competence certificate and to issue duplicates of such certificates.

A certificate is awarded to a candidate after successfully taking the test. If the candidate fails the test, he/she is offered the chance to re-sit the test.