Hackathon of state administration was held in Prague on 15 and 16 September

Some 6 dozen of software developers joined the first hackathon of public administration held 15-16 September in Prague. Their goal was to interconnect open data of public administration bodies into a useful application. 15 projects were created at the event organized by the Czech Telecommunication Office, the Supreme Audit Office, the Czech Social Security Administration, the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Finance, the Czech Statistical Office, the Administration of Cadastre of Real Estate, the Otakar Motejl Fund and the University of Economics. All apps are freely available on the internet and can be further developed.

The maximum of five member teams had 24 hours to create applications or visualizations of public data made available by the state administration. The jury chose five best projects. During the session, the teams had worked together 1440 man-hours.

“Hackathon of public administration pointed to the possibilities for the use of open data”, says Jaromír Novák, Chairman of the Council of CTU. "Participants offered a completely new perspective of these data and increased their potential for practical use. I believe that this action will be an inspiration for other institutions to open their data and make it available to everyone who wants to work with them."

The public administration in the Czech Republic has 7,300 information systems, the value of which exceeds CZK 110 billion, and the annual costs are about 25 billion CZK. The data contained within them are insufficiently utilized and only a fragment of them is disclosed in the format of open data. "All the information of the public administration, except of classified, confidential and sensitive information, should be public and easily accessible to all. This Hackathon has demonstrated how the use of such data can contribute, for example, to more efficient public administration and that citizens can have benefit from them." said Miloslav Kala, President of the Supreme Audit Office.

The winning application “Hazard versus exekuce”, gathered from open data on gambling regulation, licensed gaming devices and the number of executions in municipalities. An interactive map was created, showing the proportion of people in

Overview of the winners and all final apps that were created during our hackathon are available at www.hackujstat.cz.

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