Information obligation

One-time Submission of Information

According to Article 4(1) of the Regulation the providers shall submit to the national regulatory authority data such as their name, legal status and form, registration number in a trade or similar register (TIN), VAT identification number (VAT ID), the address of their establishment and the contact details of a contact person, the characteristics of the parcel delivery service they offer, and their general terms and conditions for parcel delivery services, including details of complaints procedures for users and any potential limitations of liability. Providers shall inform the national regulatory authority of any change to the information provided within 30 days after the occurrence of the change.

Template of the form for submitting this information stipulates Annex I of the Implementing Regulation. For submission of the above-mentioned data, cross-border parcel delivery service providers can use this form.

Annual Submission of Information

As is stipulated by the Regulation, by 30 June of each calendar year all parcel delivery service providers shall submit to the national regulatory authority information for previous year in the extent of Article 4(3) of the Regulation. These include mainly annual turnover in parcel delivery services, the number of persons working for the provider and involved in the provision of parcel delivery services, the number of parcels handled, the names of their subcontractors, and, where available, publicly accessible price list applicable on 1 January of each calendar year for parcel delivery services.

The data structure that providers are required to submit is set by Annex II of the Implementing Regulation. Providers shall submit the data via a software application on an electronic form available on the CTU website

Files are available only in czech version.