LIST OF APPLICANTS eligible for the auction

According to the assessment of the applications in accordance with Chapter 8.6 of ANNOUNCEMENT of the Czech Telecommunication Office of Call for offers for the purpose of awarding the rights to use radio frequencies to provide an electronic communications network in the 3600–3800 MHz band of 27 March 2017, Ref. ČTÚ-1/2017-613 (hereinafter referred to as the “Announcement”) and according to the subsequent evaluation based on Chapter 8.7. of the Announcement, CTU publishes the list of participants who are eligible for the auction (auction phase of the call for offers).

The applicants eligible for the auction are (in alphabetical order):

  • Nordic Telecom 5G a.s.
  • O2 Czech Republic a.s.
  • PODA a.s.
  • Suntel Net s.r.o.
  • T-Mobile Czech Republic a.s.
  • Vodafone Czech Republic a.s.

Ref. ČTÚ-1/2017-613
Frequency Spectrum Management Department