List of tariffs

In order to secure transparency of tariffs (prices), all cross-border parcel delivery service providers, as referred to in Article 5 of the Regulation, shall provide by 31 January of each calendar year the national regulatory authority with public list of tariffs applicable on 1 January of each calendar year for 15 categories of services set out in the Annex to the Regulation. The national regulatory authority shall submit the list of tariffs to the Commission. The Commission will publish them on a dedicated website. Consumers and undertakings will than easily access an overview of services available on the market and their prices.

The tariffs of cross-border parcel delivery service providers can be found on a web portal created by the European Commission. User’s manual is available here.

In case of any questions related to the registration on this portal or to its use, please, contact Mrs. Jitka Březinová via phone +420 224 004 855 or e-mail at

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