Measurement of data transmission speed

Czech Telecommunication Office measures and evaluates selected parameters of data networks.

Measurement and evaluation of the selected parameters of data networks is unified, for both mobile and fixed networks, in general methodology “Measurement of Data Parameters of Networks Using the TCP Protocol”, Version 2.0, which is published and applied by the Office in the case of verification measurements in fixed and mobile networks. The measurements are performed using the Office’s own measuring devices (terminals) with clearly defined parameters, in fixed as well as in mobile networks. The measurement method applied is based on the recommendation of RFC 6349, “Framework for TCP Throughput Testing”.

CTU decided to use a single base methodology for both fixed and mobile networks on the basis of protocol unity of the offered TCP or UDT services. This approach allows for further mutual comparison of networks (services). At this site you can find published the general methodology of the procedure for measurement applied by CTU and also the methodology of measurement and evaluation of data parameters of fixed and mobile electronic communications networks. The purpose is to transparently declare which methods the CTU applies for its controls and measurements performed to protect the rights of end users/consumers.