Monthly Monitoring Report No. 02/2022: How to measure speed of Internet access; password for communication and the next wave of fraudulent phone calls.

Prague, 22 February 2022 – In the February monitoring report we inform about a step-by-step instructional video showing how to properly measure the speed of Internet access with the NetTest. We also discuss the case of password communication, summarise the activities of the Telecommunication Academy project and warn against the next wave of so-called spoofing. February is also traditionally the month in which CTU publishes its quarterly overview of complaints and enquiries.

The NetTest measurement tool has been in operation for four months. The average number of Internet access service speed tests performed is around 63,000 per month. Users can compare the extent to which their actual speed correspond to the parameters specified in their contract.

In the context of the decision-making practice, we present an interesting case in which CTU has been contacted by consumer whose provider demanded on them to provide the password even in the case of a termination of contract submitted in written form (in paper form) bearing the handwritten signature of the subscriber, but which the consumer had forgotten. The provider therefore did not accept the termination of the contract, did not terminate the contract and continued to provide (charge) the subscriber with electronic communications services.

As part of the regular review of complaints received by CTU in the previous quarter, we draw attention to the risk of fraudulent firmware. A customer complained to the CTU that he was being charged for international calls that he claimed he did not make. He believed that this could be the operation of a second SIM card identified in the same way (a 'clone SIM'). However, the CTU's investigation found that this was not a clone but rather a case of fraudulent firmware/other fraudulent software inside the mobile phone. The provider therefore recommended replacing the mobile device with one from a verified vendor.  Exceptionally, the operator gave the customer a discount equivalent to the amounts for unwanted international calls until the next billing.

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Tereza Meravá