Monthly Monitoring Report No. 2/2021: Saying 5G need not mean 5G; CTU checks the Internet access providers on fulfilment of new obligations

Prague, 23 February 2021 – Czech Telecommunication Office points out that some Internet access providers seem to use the trade name "5G" in a potentially misleading way, as they use mobile networks, which shall not be 5G networks, to provide their services. CTU will also continue the next phase of the inspection, which focuses on the correct implementation of the new mandatory requirements in the contracts on Internet access services according to the conditions of the General Authorization.

CTU has indications that some providers of electronic communications services use the trade name „5G“ for their Internet access services, but actually they use networks which are not equivalent to the standards of 5G networks. Customer expectations regarding the quality of services provided through such network could be unrealistic. If CTU founds some irregularities in specific cases, it shall investigate the potential suspected unfair business practices, or eventually submit the complaint to other competent authorities, e.g. with regard to a possible violation of the Advertising Regulation Act.

Sanctions shall be imposed on those Internet access services providers who, despite the warnings, still don´t  meet the conditions of the new General Authorisation No. VO-S/1/08.2020-9. Possible sanctions include also the imposition of a fine under the Electronic Communications Act. From 1 January 2021, providers are not only obliged to inform a customer about specific values of speed parameters of provided Internet access service, but also to define significant discrepancies and to describe possible ways of correction, as CTU reported in previous Monitoring Report No. 1/2021

Advices for consumers concerning their bills, or quarter overview of complaints are the other topics of the Monthly Monitoring Report.


Press Unit
Czech Telecommunication Office
Tereza Meravá