Monthly Monitoring Report No. 7/2021: Dispute decision on wholesale prices of mobile data, unsolicited calls, how to deal when you are dissatisfied with postal services

Prague, 20 July 2021 – In the first holiday monitoring report we inform about the final decision of the CTU in the dispute between T-Mobile and Český bezdrát. Readers will also learn how to deal with unsolicited marketing calls or how and when they can contact CTU in case of dissatisfaction with postal services provided. In another article, CTU points out some cases of claims where there was no fault with the service provider.

Operator T-Mobile Czech Republic a.s. must reduce the wholesale price of mobile data charged to Český bezdrát s.r.o. by 41%. The Council upheld the first-instance decision of the CTU Council Chair, and thus rejected the appeal filed by T-Mobile against the original decision. The second instance decision cannot now be appealed.

An amendment to the Electronic Communications Act currently being discussed by the Parliament, should come into effect next year. If passed, consumers will soon see substantial change in the area of marketing calls. Explicit consent of the subscriber will now be required for them to be contacted for marketing purposes. If their consent is not indicated in the public directory, it will be assumed that they do not wish to receive such marketing contact. Of course, this will not apply to situations where they are contacted by a doctor, the service provider, a vendor and others who have the option to “call” their clients according to data protection rules on the basis of the client's consent, a legitimate interest of the company or some legal ground.

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Tereza Meravá