Conference Digital economy: chances and challenges


17th - 18th March 2016

Hotel Corinthia, Praha


The Czech Telecommunication Office together with the non-profit organization ICANN are organizing a conference dated 17 – 18 March 2016 to promote the debate on digital economy development in the V4 region.


First day


Conference opening

10:05 Keynote speech - Mischa Dohler, profesor King's College London


Panel: Innovation on the net

National mobile network for IoT Sigfox/SimpleCell

  • From vision to reality – Pavel Sodomka, Sigfox

IoT in the Czech Republic –Patrik Jalamudis, České radiokomunikace

Innovation and Partnership - Gabriella Cseh, Facebook


Panel: Superfast broadband deployment

 Experience from Slovakia – Rastislav Janota, NASES

 Experience from Poland - Lidia Kozłowska, UKE

 Experience from Slovenia - Franc Dolenc, AKOS

 Conditions for NGA deployment in the Czech Republic - Michal Frankl, CETIN

 Fibre networks deployment in Czech republic -  Štěpán Beneš, GRAPE SC




Panel: Innovation on the net 2

Regulation – innovation support? - Len Cali, AT&T

E-call implementation in the Czech Republic – Jan Urbánek, GŘ HZS

Understanding IoT:Peeling back the layers, Marco Hogewoning, RIPE NCC


Panel: Cybersecurity and services security

Cybersecurity in EU – Jaroslav Šmíd, NBÚ

Security Expert Center - another dimension in IT security – Jiří Sedlák, O2 IT Services

The multistakeholder approach – Yulia Morenets, TaC- Together against Cybercrime International

E-comm services threats – Jan Kolouch, CESNET, Police academy

Cybersecurity and the protection of personal data – Daniel Eszteri (Hungarian National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom)


Coffee break


Panel: Innovation and internet governance

From Internet Governance to Turris - Ondřej Filip, CZ.NIC

Internet and its governance at a time of maturity and evolution: the IANA stewardship transition and the independent development of multi-stakeholder governance – J-J Sahel, ICANN

RIRs : A regional approach in Internet Governance, Marco Hogewoning, RIPE NCC

Future regulation - innovation and challenges? – Marius Catalin Marinescu, ANCOM


End of first conference day


Informal discussion


Second day


Panel: Regulation and national interest

Digital single market, Pavel Telička, MEP

EU roaming regulation and national interest, Dražen Lučič, HAKOM

Experience with 4th operator, Vladimír Kešjar, RÚ


Coffee break


Panel: DVB-T2 transition

Germany experience with DVB-T2 – Sascha Falahat, BNETZA

Czech Television – Role and future of DTT – Pavel Hanuš (ČT)

How DVB-T2 will influence media market – Marcel Procházka, České radiokomunikace

Future of DTT: DVB-T2 and competition, Radim Pařízek, Digital Broadcasting

700 MHz – view of mobile industry – Daniel Gueorguiev, GSMA


End of conference




The main topic of the conference is innovation that can be brought by different ecosystems within the Internet of Things, let it be the a system of LoRa or Sigfox or implementation of e-call in the Czech Republic. Senior vice-president of AT&T, Len Cali, will compare EU and US regulatory approach.

An essential part of the digital economy development is also cyber security and safety of the services provided. The representative of the National Security Office will hold a presentation on the implementation of new rules for cyber security.

The conference will also focus on latest development in Internet Governance and definition of national interests in the harmonized regulatory environment of the EU. This topic will be addressed for example by the Vladimir Kešjar, Chair of Slovak regulator,  Dražen Lučić, Chair of Croatian regulator or by Mr. Pavel Telička, member of the European Parliament.  Futhermore, ICANN’s Vice President for Europe, Jean-Jacques Sahel, will provide an overview of where ICANN stands in its current process of releasing the IANA Function from the oversight of the US Government.

Within the panel discussion room will be dedicated also to the roll out of new networks suitable for high speed Internet access and to the comparison of different approaches how to lift barriers of commercial network roll out. Experience will be shared by the Lidia Kozłowska, Vice Chair of Polish regulator, Franc Dolenc, Chair of Slovenian regulator and representatives of CENTIN and GRAPE SC.

Furthermore, one part the conference will be devoted to broadcasting. It will focus on the role of Czech  TV in the development of terrestrial platform and will also provide overview of the German regulator´s experience with the transition to DVB-T2.

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