Partial service under the Section 38 Subsection 2 (g)

Additional services to services concerning connection and access at a fixed location, such as:

  1. gradual repayment for establishment of connection to a public communication network for consumers,
  2. free selective prevention of outgoing calls, premium text or multimedia messages, or, if technically feasible, acces to similar services with higher price or calls to specific numbers for subscriber,
  3. free item pay statement for subscriber,
  4. provision of information on lower prices or favourable price plans and conditions upon a request from subscriber, if those information are available, and
  5. monitoring of subscribers' expenses related to the use of publicly available telephone service, including free notification of the consumer in case of unusual or excesive use of this service.

These services are not currently imposed as an obligation. More detailed information and regular monitoring of the commercial provision of services can be found in the “Monitoring the commercial provision of services corresponding to unimposed partial services section".

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