PRESS RELEASE: By adopting new general authorisations, the CTU Council supported higher efficiency of shared use of radio spectrum

Prague, 28 May 2020 – On its meeting in the 22nd week, the CTU Council discussed and approved publication of two new general authorisations to support higher efficiency in using the radio spectrum.

As of 1 July 2020, based on the General Authorisation No. VO-R/14/05.2020-7, the CTU Council allows the operators of fixed radio networks in 10 GHz band to use radio channels with a width of 56 MHz, including additional channels with a width of 7 MHz. This will help them to enhance the capacity and quality of their services. At the same time, the General Authorisation No. VO-R/16/05.2020-6 extends the use and operation of radio stations for voice and data communication in the 440 MHz frequency band. CTU discussed both draft authorisations on its discussion place.

General authorisations will be published in the Telecommunication Bulletin next week.

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