PRESS RELEASE: CTU and Správa železnic will cooperate to improve the signal on trains

Prague, 9 October 2023 - CTU and Správa železnic have concluded a cooperation agreement aimed at improving the signal quality of mobile operators on railway corridors included in the European TEN-T transport network. The two institutions will also work together to detect and remove interfering signals on more than 2,300 kilometres of railway in the Czech Republic​.

The cooperation agreement will affect several areas. Správa železnic will provide assistance in inspections by CTU, which will verify the fulfilment of mobile operators' obligations regarding railway lines. These set the obligation to ensure 100% coverage of the main and 98% of secondary corridors within the European TEN-T transport network by February 2025. CTU will use a special measurement vehicle from Správa železnic for these inspections.

Both institutions will simultaneously participate in identifying and eliminating sources of interference to mobile radio networks as well as sources of interference to railway control systems.

Tereza Meravá
Czech Telecommunication Office