PRESS RELEASE: The CTU Council Chair is not in a conflict of interest

Prague, 25 February 2020 – The current CTU Council Chair, Ms. Hana Továrková, is free of a conflict of interest, confirms the Ministry of Justice of the Czech Republic.

“The investigation, undertaken by the Ministry of Justice regarding Ms. Továrková, showed, that Ms. Továrková terminated all of her engagements in legal time limit”, stated the Ministry. “Although this fact has not been yet in some cases registered by the respective court maintaining the commercial registry, Ms. Továrková submitted all documents, proving that all legal actions have been made, to the Ministry”, stated the Ministry.

Ms. Továrková was appointed a Member of the CTU Council by Government Resolution No. 774 of 4 November 2019, with effect of 15 November 2019. She then initiated steps to terminate all of her business engagements to fulfil requirements given by the Act No. 159/2006 Coll., on Conflict of Interest, as amended.

“Based on the investigation conclusions, the Ministry put an end to futile speculations and I can now fully engage in my work at CTU, mainly in preparing the auction which will bring lower price for mobile services”, said Ms. Továrková who was appointed the CTU Council Chair for 3 years-term by Government Resolution No. 85 of 27 January 2020.

The Act on Conflict of Interest provides, that a member of the CTU Council (and other selected public officials) may not be engaged in business or any other gainful activity, act as a member of a statutory body, managing body, supervisory body or controlling body of any business corporation and enter into any employment, service or similar relation.

Member of the CTU Council shall terminate all activities specified above within 30 days from taking up the appointment, and if it is not possible to meet this time limit because of reasons beyond the public official’s control, they shall report such a fact to the Ministry of Justice and adopt all measures warranting that all activities specified above are terminated as soon as possible.

The Ministry stated, that Ms. Továrková undertook all measures, which could be demanded in order to terminate all engagements incompatible with her membership in the CTU Council, in the time limit of 30 days.

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