PRESS RELEASE: CTU enables continuation of local and regional television broadcasting

Prague, 26 May 2020 – Czech Telecommunication Office (CTU) published a Measure of General Nature which amends conditions for local and regional broadcasting in relation to the process for changes in digital television broadcasting.

CTU Council on its meeting on 20 May 2020 accepted Measure of General Nature, part of the radio spectrum utilisation plan No. PV-P/10/05.2020-5 for 470-490 MHz frequency band.

CTU Council defined conditions for further continuation of local and regional television broadcasting following the finalisation of the process of releasing the 700 MHz band for mobile services and transition of the terrestrial television broadcasting to the DVB-T2 standard, while taking account related frequency needs of new nationwide broadcasting networks.

The Measure of General Nature comes into effect on 15 June 2020 and was published on the CTU website.

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