PRESS RELEASE: CTU has published the 2018 Annual Report

Prague, 21 May 2019 – Thanks to fixed LTE service, 369 petabytes[1] were transferred in the mobile networks in 2018; that is more than twice from the previous year. According to data published by CTU in the 2018 Annual Report, the users transferred 135 PB in mobile services, but the amount of transferred data in fixed LTE overcame 234 PB.

In average, 1.23 GB of data were used on mobile data services per one SIM card in 2018. For a SIM card using fixed LTE, it was in average 60.31 GB of data per month.

When it comes to highspeed access services, the growth of the number of optical connections continued (from 589,000 in 2017 to 620,000 in 2018). The number of accesses via Wi-Fi also intensified (31.7 %). Wi-Fi networks represented the most used technology in 2018 to highspeed Internet access.

During 2018, CTU registered significant issues when it came to the fulfilment of conditions for provision of universal services by Česká pošta (Czech Post), mainly in the area of delivery of postal consignments. CTU’s reaction to an increased amount of complaints on Czech Post’s issue was a nationwide monitoring of delivery of registered postal items by all seven regional offices of Czech Post. The inspection confirmed that 55 out of 65 monitored post offices erred, when the registered postal items were not delivered in accordance with Section 3(2)(d) of Postal Services Act. Furthermore, with 20 monitored post offices did not remedy the situation even on the following business day. Relevant administrative proceedings are being held in 2019 aiming to rectify the situation.

Last year, CTU published a total of 45,585 decisions in disputes in the area of electronic communications services; the majority (45,371) concerned disputes over payments of the service. 35,000 administrative proceeding were initiated.

CTU collected CZK 13.21 M on fines charged during administrative proceedings in 2017. Another CZK 37.6 M were collected on administrative fees. The income from management of radio spectrum reached CZK 742 M.

2018 Annual Report is available here.

[1] 1 PB = 1015 bytes

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