PRESS RELEASE: CTU launched a new public consultation on amended conditions of the tender on 5G networks frequencies

Prague, 4 June 2020 – Today, the Czech Telecommunication Office (CTU) launched a new public consultation on amended draft conditions of the forthcoming tender on frequencies in the 700 MHz and 3.5 GHz bands. Comments can be submitted until 4 July 2020.

Based on the assessment of all comments received in the public consultation on previous draft, CTU decided to amend some of the basic principles of the tender conditions.

It is clear from the received comments, that a number of important actors are interested in entering the market and the commenting parties agreed, that the new operator should be allowed to acquire radio frequencies in the 700 MHz band to provide nation-wide coverage. Therefore, CTU decided to reserve a frequency block of 10 MHz in the 700 MHz band for the new operator entering the market, thus supporting establishment of a new nation-wide infrastructure actor.

In line with a long-term target to support the entry of one or more new actors to the market, CTU preserves the national roaming obligation to the benefit of all new operators. However, focusing on the development of an alternative infrastructure, CTU defines new stricter conditions for the use of national roaming, i.e. increased the parameters of own coverage of the population and number of deployed base stations. CTU will also enable that only some of the incumbent operators provide national roaming based on the results of the tender.

The promotion of Industry 4.0 in pursuant to the government’s 5G Strategy remains CTU’s interest. After assessment of the received comments, CTU decided to include the entire spectrum in the 3400–3600 MHz band into the tender and also to define a new commitment to lease radio frequencies for the purposes of Industry 4.0 which is linked to certain spectrum blocks in this band. Holders of these blocks will be obliged to allow the industry an independent use of the radio frequencies.

The minimum (reserve) price for the individual auction blocks was determined based on the analysis of the achieved prices in relevant European countries (benchmark).

The deadline to submit comments is 4 July 2020. CTU expects announcing the commencement of the tender during summer 2020.

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