PRESS RELEASE: CTU launches the NetTest measurement tool

Prague, 17 September 2021 – Today, Czech Telecommunication Office has launched its new tool for measurement of quality and speed of Internet access service, the NetTest. It substitutes the NetMetr tool, formerly recommended by CTU. The new NetTest tool is being run directly by CTU. The launch will soon be accompanied by an information campaign with the aim to invite consumers to be aware of their rights in the field of internet access services. They should be informed about the obligations of the providers, be able to measure and control the speed declared in their contract and, in case of need, be able to raise a claim regarding the quality of the service provided.

The NetTest measurement tool measures QoS in the form of really achieved download and upload speed and the response time (ping). It can be found at website. A significant advantage of the NetTest tool is the possibility to use a certified measurement function which preforms automatically a pre-defined process with a result projected into a PDF document. This document can then be used for raising a claim, if necessary.  

We believe that it is the certified measurement function that will significantly facilitate to the ordinary users making a complaint, because the worries of saving the result and having the necessary document for service providers will disappear," said Hana Továrková, CTU Council Chair.  

How to measure properly

Be careful, that there is no application running on the desktop background and only your computer is connected to the Internet, via cable not via Wi-Fi, during the measurement. You should also use the newest updated version of operating system and Internet browser. Bear in mind, that not only the performance of your computer, but also the operating system, has a major impact on the actual speed values measured.

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