PRESS RELEASE: The government extended CTU Council member’s mandate

Prague, 25 May 2020 – The Czech Government extended term of the current CTU Council member, Jiří Peterka.

Jiří Peterka started his first 5 years term in June 2015. As of 8 June 2020, the government extended his term for another 5 years. His long experience in the electronic communications field and his expert knowledge of the European regulation framework contributes to smooth functioning of the Czech Telecommunication Office.

“Mr. Peterka’s work is constructive and professional and I welcome the government’s decision to extend his mandate in the CTU Council”, said the Council Chair, Ms. Hana Továrková.

“During my second term, I would like to continue with my work on computerization of CTU, preservation of net neutrality and open Internet access, promotion of broadband access as well as consumer protection”, said Mr. Peterka.

Mr. Peterka is a long-term advocate of electronic signature, the author of “The Wonderful World of Electronic Signature” and a number of academic articles on e-Signatures and e-Identification.

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