PRESS RELEASE: Monthly Monitoring Report No. 02/2020

Prague, 19 February 2020 - With the Czech Post’s implementation of two-speed mail delivery it is necessary to visibly label the mail with “D+1” shortcut on the address side for priority delivery mode. The new monitoring report informs on this issue. A mail with no label is being delivered in the economy mode despite carrying more expensive A-stamp or stamps with a total face value corresponding to the priority mode.

Such mail without visible D+1 label is considered a prepaid service. However, the Czech Post does not return overpayments. Should the mail be labelled as priority (with D+1 label) but without appropriate stamps, the mail will be considered underpaid. Such mail will be delivered in the priority mode; however, the Czech Post will demand the addressee to pay the remaining amount plus a fine of CZK 17.

The monitoring report further informs about changes in the digital broadcasting and the transition to DVB-T2. In the course of January, 24 DVB-T transmitters were switched off and 16 DVB-T2 transmitters started to broadcast.

The monitoring report is available here.

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