PRESS RELEASE: Monthly Monitoring Report No. 08/2020

Prague, 26 August 2020 – The August monthly monitoring report brings summary of the announced tender for granting of the rights to use radio frequencies to provide 5G networks, which we covered in a separate press release. Another topic is regular quterly summary of consumers’ complaints and inquiries.

CTU also informs about a complicated situation, which can happen when concluding a contract in a store. It provides recommendation how to avoid such situations.

In the 2nd quarter of 2020, CTU registered a total of 498 complaints lodged by participants/users, which is a slight decrease compared to the previous period. A significant part of the complaints concerned corporate customers who prematurely terminated the contract for the provision of a service, mistakenly assuming that the reduction or ban on the imposition of penalties for early termination of the contract, valid from 1 April 2020, applied to all subscribers without distinction. As we have already informed in e.g. May monthly monitoring report, the amendment does not apply to corporate customers, but only consumers and natural persons in business.

The monitoring report is available here.

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Czech Telecommunication Office