PRESS RELEASE: Monthly Monitoring Report No. 12/2019

Prague, 20 December 2019 – From January 2020, the Czech Post will raise certain basic postal services prices. The price for domestic registered letters in all weight categories and all domestic insured letters will rise by CZK 3.00.

Money orders, including C.O.D., will be also more expensive. The price for money orders D with faster payment and remitted amount up to CZK 1,000 will increase by CZK 14.00; the price of all other money orders will increase by CZK 3.00.

Starting from 1 February, Czech Post will introduce a “two-speed” delivery of letters. Senders will be able to choose whether the letter should be delivered via so-called priority regime (also D+1), i.e., the next business day after posting, or via so called economy regime for the current price. Priority items will cost CZK 7.00 more than the current service. Such items will need to have a stamp either with “A” symbol or a CZK 26.00 stamp and will have to be visibly marked as D+1.  or whether it will be delivered in “economy” mode D+N at the current price. Letters with a “B” stamp or with a stamp for the current price of CZK 19.00 will be delivered within the second business day of posting.

Act No. 311/2019 Coll. which amends the Electronic Communications Act, was published in the Collection of Laws. The amendment will enter into effect in April 2020. It significantly speeds up a process of changing an operator and decreases contractual fines for early fixed-term contract termination. It introduces a so-called one-stop shop principles enabling the consumer to ask a new (accepting) operator to handle all needed steps when porting a telephone number. The new rules will apply to all contracts, i.e., also to those concluded before the amendment enters into force. For more detailed information, see the new monitoring report.

The Monitoring Report is available here.

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