PRESS RELEASE: Monthly Monitoring Report No. 6/2019

Prague, 19 June 2019 – Starting from September the restricted certificate of radio operator of maritime mobile service (OFN) will not be issued anymore. It will be replaced by two new certificates of professional competence: for operation of boat stations for VHF band in near-coastal voyages without using GMDSS system features (OFP) and for operation of stations for inland waterways (OFV). This follows legislative changes published in the new monthly monitoring report.

The changes concern also the sector of aeronautical mobile service. The exam for granting the restricted certificate of radio operator (OFL) will newly include an oral exam consisting of knowledge of aeronautical phraseology. The requirements of exams are provided by Decree No. 157/2009 Coll., which was amended by Decree No. 120/2019 Coll., entering into force on 1 September.

The monitoring report further points out the limits of regulated European roaming (principle Roam Like at Home), allowing the consumers to use roaming services abroad for domestic prices. Operators apply the so-called policy of adequate use, which is aimed against misuse of roaming benefits by excessive or permanent use of the services abroad. It allows them to monitor the volume of used roaming services for the last 4 months. If in this period the customer spent more time abroad than at home and used mobile service more frequently than in the domestic network, the operator has the right to contact the subscriber and require an explanation. In the case that the subscriber continues to use roaming excessively or permanently, the operator can charge extra roaming fees.

The monitoring report is available here.

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