PRESS RELEASE: NetTest after 4 months: General Authorisation positively influenced quality of services

Prague, 19 January 2022 - Four months ago, on 17 September 2021, Czech Telecommunications Office launched the long-awaited publicly available NetTest measurement tool ( It brought the public the opportunity to test the quality of the Internet access service and facilitated any claims about the quality of the service provided when the speed actually achieved does not correspond to the speeds specified in the contract. Thanks to tens of thousands of measurements and available statistical tools, it is evident that the general authorisation VO-S/1 has a positive impact on the quality of Internet access service in the Czech Republic. CTU has summarised its experience in a expert article.

And what interesting things can you read in it? For example, that the operational peak of data networks in the Czech Republic is between 8 pm and 9 pm, while between 3 am and 4 am, data networks show minimal load and therefore Internet access services reach their highest performance. In this article, we have also answered the most common type of query regarding the different measurements by some commercial tools.  We also explain the effect of the performance of the user device (computer) on the measurement process.

CTU is currently working on a mobile version of the NetTest application and in the coming days, based on suggestions from the professional public, we will also publish an instructional video for users on how to perform measurements technically correctly and eliminate influences that can distort the measurement results.

Press Unit
Czech Telecommunication Office
Tereza Meravá