Price calculators

It is the task of the Czech Telecommunication Office (CTU), according to Section 5 (3) and Section 44 of Act No. 127/2005 Coll. on electronic communications and amending certain related acts (“Act on Electronic Communications”), to protect the interests of users. One of the tools used in achieving this is allowing users to simply and clearly compare the prices of electronic communication services and allowing them to choose the service which suits them best.

Behaviour of service users is crucial for the existence of healthy competitive environment in retail markets for electronic communications. Active users searching and comparing prices and conditions of services among operators, may find a better provider of communications services. It also has a positive impact on competition (operators’ activity) on the whole market. Other users benefit from the comparison of active users, because it leads to increased competition in the affected markets. And other users can also benefit from advices of active users and they do not need use price calculators.

A price calculator is a useful tool in achieving this aim, choosing the most suitable offers of services for users based on the data entered by specific users.

CTU awards accreditation, and with it a logo, to price calculators which successful pass the accreditation process. As part of this process, CTU and an independent technical auditor check the proper functioning of a calculator, meaning its accessibility, the accuracy of calculation and up-to-dateness, comprehensiveness, transparency and independence.

Accredited price calculators

The services compared by individual calculators:

  • Tarifon – tariffs and prepaid cards for mobile telephone services, mobile Internet access, fixed telephone services, fixed Internet access from the largest providers
  • Tarifomat – tariffs and prepaid cards for mobile telephone services and mobile Internet access


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