PUBLIC CONSULTATION TO CALL for comments on draft of the Invitation to Tender for Granting of the Rights to Use Radio Frequencies to Provide Electronic Communications Networks in the 700 MHz and 3400–3600 MHz Frequency Bands

The Czech Telecommunication Office (hereinafter “CTU”) announces a public consultation of the draft of conditions of the tender for granting of the rights to use radio frequencies to provide electronic communications networks in the 700 MHz and 3400–3600 MHz frequency bands (hereinafter “Tender”).

The public consultation is initiated by CTU in accordance with Section 130 of the Act No. 127/2005 Coll., on electronic communications and amendment of certain related acts (Electronic Communications Act), as amended (hereinafter “Act”) and Section 21(1) of the Act.

Commencement of the public consultation follows previous preparations of the conditions of Tender. In June 2018, CTU published a Draft of Basic Principles of Tender for Granting the Rights to Use Radio Frequencies in the 700 MHz Frequency Band, and subsequently in January 2019 an updated version, including draft of principles of tender for granting the rights to use radio frequencies in the 3400–3600 MHz frequency band. In August 2018 and in March 2019 respectively, CTU published a framework position on received comments on these documents.

In the interest of maximum transparency of the entire process of preparation of the conditions of the Tender, a complete draft of the Invitation to Tender, including the annexes, is published.

The subject of the public consultation is only the draft of the Invitation to Tender in Czech language and all stakeholders may submit their comments only in relation to this language version. The English version of the Invitation to Tender is published only for information and does not compose an integral part of the Invitation to Tender documentation.

Comments to the draft can be submitted not later than one month from its publication, i.e. until 26 July 2019.

CTU calls upon all stakeholders to submit all relevant comments to the proposed conditions of the Tender within this public consultation, because after announcing the Tender CTU cannot change the conditions of the Tender and so cannot take into consideration any comments received retrospectively.

The rules for submitting comments follow the Rules of the Czech Telecommunication Office for Consultations at the Discussion Site (hereinafter “Rules”). In regards of the extent of the documentation of the Invitation to Tender and to increase the effectivity of the public consultation, CTU also asks all commenting stakeholders to use for submitting the comments a template of a table form attached below, prepared by CTU specifically for this public consultation. According to Article 6(2) of the Rules stakeholders shall submit the form either in writing to the premises of CTU (Czech Telecommunication Office, Sokolovská 219, Praha 9; postal address: P.O. Box 02, 225 02 Praha 025), or in an electronic form at or via publicly available data network into CTU’s data mailbox a9qaats.

CTU also points out, that according to Article 6 (7) of the Rules, all submitted comments must be formulated specifically and must be reasonably justified. The comment must also unambiguously state, which part of the proposed measure it concerns. A comment requesting addition of new text or substitution of certain text with another must include a proposal of a new formulation of the text. The new formulation must mainly address the nature of the proposed changed, however, does not have to be legislatively accurate.

Ref. No. ČTÚ-27 062/2019-613
Frequency Spectrum Management Department

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