Radio spectrum

The Czech Telecommunication Office administers the radio spectrum to ensure the administration and purposeful use of radio frequencies. This is in line with the harmonisation aims of the European Community. The radio spectrum is understood to be electromagnetic waves of a frequency of between 9 kHz and 3,000 GHz transmitted through space without special lines.

At this web site CTU publishes the Radio Spectrum Utilisation Plan, information about rights, conditions, procedures and fees to concern the use of the radio spectrum, notification of limitation of the number of rights to utilise radio frequencies and the cancellation of this and decisions on whether decisions issued on awarding rights to utilise radio frequencies and the terms and conditions specified therein are still valid. It also publishes information about transfers of rights arising from the allocation of radio frequencies, a statement on economic activity with the funds in the Radiocommunication account for the relevant calendar year, all questions for written tests, segmented according to special competence, and indeed the correct answers to individual questions, and outlines of oral tests of special competence and specimen special competence cards.

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