Recognition of professional competence of the EU certificate holder

According to Section 26(2) of the Act on Electronic Communications, special competence earned in another EU Member State may be recognised and a special competence certificate issued by the Office, based on an application, which corresponds to the competence earned in another EU Member State. An adequate certificate is issued to the applicant based on an application submitted:

  • in printed form (pdf form available in Czech and English) by post or personally, or
  • electronically by completing the form ZFO No. 9 (in Czech language) (interactive - electronic signature or data mailbox required). In the form, the applicant has to tick a box "Application for the issue of a professional competence certificate" and select a reason for issue of the certificate: "Recognition of professional competence of certificate holder of an EU Member State".

The applicant must enclose the following with the application:

  • a copy of the special competence certificate issued in an EU Member State, based on which it is seeking a suitable special competence certificate as issued by the Office,
  • a copy of a citizen’s ID card or passport,

  • one up-to-date photography in a format of 35 x 45 mm, with technical parameters corresponding to parameters of a photography required for issuance of a citizen's ID,

  • a copy of receipt of paid administrative fee in the amount of CZK 400. (Payment in cash is not possible.)

Note: In relation to the United Kingdom withdrawal from the EU ("Brexit"), during the so-called transition period (i.e. until 31 December 2020) all applications for recognition of professional competence licences / certificates of UK citizens and EU citizens obtained in the United Kingdom will be processed under above stated rules. More information on recognition of professional competence after Brexit can be found here.