Roaming is not a call abroad


Roaming, starting June 15, 2017, fundamentally changes the form. Mobile customers from the European Union and the states of Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein will be able to use data services, send SMS messages and call home or other Member States at the same roaming prices as the home roaming (roaming like at home) provided they do not abuse this benefit.

The rules that significantly reduce calls from holidays or business travel have been set by the European Commission in the Roaming Regulation (EU) 2015/2120.

On the contrary, the regulation does not apply to calling abroad, when a SIM card is registered in a home network and the called number belongs to an operator from abroad no matter where it is at any given moment. Operators may charge prices for these international calls according to a valid price list, selected according to their own discretion.

Similarly, regulation does not apply to roaming from non-EU countries. These prices are also set by operators based on their business decision.

What type of call it is, it summarizes infographics, processed from the perspective of outgoing calls (in the direction of the arrow).