Radio Spectrum Policy Group (RSPG) was established by Commission Decision No. 2002/622/EC, which was replaced by Commission Decision of 11 June 2019 setting up the Radio Spectrum Policy Group and repealing Decision 2002/622/EC.


RSPG is an advisory body of the Commission for strategic issues in the use of the frequency spectrum. It expresses its opinions concerning the basic issues such as setting of strategic objectives in terms of meeting the needs not only of electronic communications, but also of other sectors, including ways of their implementation. The remit of RSPG has been extended as a result of the adoption of the new telecom regulatory framework in 2009. According to the new remit, RSPG can now also be requested by the European Parliament and/or the Council, in addition to the Commission, to issue an opinion or a report on specific radio spectrum policy issues.


RSPG Members are representatives of the Member States and official representative of the European Commission. The Chairperson of RSPG is a member elected by the Group for a two-year term. The Commission or the Group with agreement of the Commission may set up working groups on specific issues.

CTU cooperates with Ministry of Industry and Trade on RSPG activities; especially it provides professional support and ensures implementation of RSPG agreed opinions.


The Commission shall convene meetings of RSPG in agreement with the Chairperson through the secretariat. Representatives of EEA states, EU candidate countries, as well as from the European Parliament, CEPT, and ETSI may be invited to attend meetings as observers.

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