Statement of the Czech Telecommunication Office on the newly published business notification forms

The Czech Telecommunications Office apologises for the delay in making the business notification form (available here: accessible in its current criticised form. The Office is aware that this form is not entirely optimal and is burdened with certain shortcomings that make it difficult for users to complete it without problems.

The Office has made efforts to meet the requirements of the transposing amendment to the Electronic Communications Act in a timely manner without having all the necessary tools at its disposal to ensure a fully-fledged form of digital communication with the public.

Adjustments to enable electronic identification as well as the maximum utilisation of information already held by the state will be gradually introduced. The transition to digital communication is one of the main priorities for the Office. Despite the shortcomings mentioned above, the Office has not currently experienced any major problems with the availability of the form, and undertakings are not increasingly contacting the Office with questions or complaints on this matter.

The Office is ready to address all the issues with undertakings and give them support, assistance and advice in the notification of their business and in the fulfilment of the 're-notification' obligation under the transitional provision of the Electronic Communications Act. At the same time, the Office is also preparing guidance and educational materials to make it easier for undertakings to complete the form. It also welcomes constructive suggestions and proposals.