Analyses of Relevant Markets

Every 1 to 3 years, the Czech Telecommunication Office carries out an analysis of relevant markets in order to determine whether these markets are effectively competitive. The market analysis is published in a form of measures of general nature. The interval of these analyses is chosen by the situation in the development of market conditions.

Here, the Czech Telecommunication Office publishes decisions on designation of an undertaking with significant market power and on imposition of obligations on such entity, information about the launch of an analysis of relevant market, information about decisions on designation of an undertaking with significant market power on the trans-national market, information about decisions to impose, maintain, change or repeal obligations on an undertaking with significant market power, information about decisions to prohibit unjustified or unreasonable favouring of certain end users, unreasonable interconnection of services, billing of disproportionately high prices, or restriction of competition by setting dumping prices by undertaking with significant market power.

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1. 9. 2020
COMMUNICATION: Launching a relevant market analysis of markets No. 3a, 3b and 4 (fifth round)
4. 2. 2020
COMMUNICATION on the launch of a relevant market analysis: Market No. 5
8. 3. 2019
Notice on consultation on preliminary analysis of wholesale mobile market