COMMUNICATION: Launching a relevant market analysis of markets No. 3a, 3b and 4 (fifth round)

Pursuant to Section 51 Paragraph 1 of the Electronic Communications Act, CTU launched a relevant market analysis (fifth round) of the following markets:

  • Wholesale local access provided at a fixed location (market No. 3a),
  • Wholesale central access provided at a fixed location for mass-market products (market No. 3b); and,
  • Wholesale high-quality access provided at a fixed location (market No. 4).

The analysis will be done according to the Measure of General Nature No. OOP/1/04.2015-2, as amended by the Measure of General Nature No. OOP/1/12.2019-11, laying down the relevant markets in electronic communications, including criteria assessing significant market power.

During the process, CTU will take into account any changes pursuant to Directive (EU) 2018/1972 establishing the European Electronic Communications Code (the EECC) which is currently being transposed into the national law (amendment to the Electronic Communications Act). Pursuant to Article 124 EECC, the Member States shall transpose the Directive by 21 December 2020.

Currently, the Commission Recommendation of 9 October 2014 on relevant markets is being revised. The amendment, if any, shall enter into force during the process of above mentioned relevant market analysis. Therefore, CTU will also take into account any change pursuant to the new Commission Recommendation on relevant markets.


Ref. No. ČTÚ-41 727/2020-611
Economic Regulation Department