Reimbursement of Costs

CTU is authorised to require a payment for the provision of information in an amount that must not exceed costs related to obtaining a copy, providing technical data carriers, and sending the information to the applicant. CTU may also require a payment for an extraordinarily extensive information search.

Should CTU demand payment for the provision of information, it shall notify the applicant of this and of the amount of the  payment before providing required information. It must be clear from the notification on what basis and how was the amount calculated.

Required information is provided under the condition of payment of the costs. If the applicant does not pay the required costs within 60 days after receiving the notification, CTU may drop the application. The previous statement does not apply when dealing with a complaint against the amount of required payment.

The principles of designation of payments and licence rewards for provision of information is set in accordance with Article 2(21) of Act No. 106/1999 Coll. by Government Order No. 173/2006 Coll.

CTU has issued, in accordance with this Government Order, Tariff of payments of costs for the provision of information according to Act No. 106/1999 Coll., on free access to information, as amended.

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