Data collection 2015

CTU performed in 2016 by its Electronic data collection (ESD) system a broad data collection on the existing electronic communication networks infrastructure with focus on the identification of NGA connections allowing the provision of internet access service with the speed of 30 Mbit/s and higher. The data related to 31 December 2015 and were sorted according to address points.

2 220 undertakings (providers of internet access service or providers of networks for such services) were asked to submit data to CTU. The data was gained from 2 043 undertakings (i.e. 92%) and verified to 21 October 2016. Cca 8% of the undertakings (i.e. 177) submitted the date in non-verifiably form.

The results were submitted to Ministry of Industry and Trade (MPO) and its further processing and use was fully in the competence of MPO, mainly for the purpose of defining the so called "regions for intervention".

Furthermore CTU provides a complete table of coulour marking of basic residential units ZSJ in different regions (to 21 October 2016). On the territory of Czech Republic, we have total number of 22 503 ZSJ and 25,25 % wre identified as white, 9,72 % as grey and 65,04 % as black (to 21 October 2016).

Also a complete table of all ZSJ in the Czech Republic is presented here, including the total percentage of coverage and number of undertakings active in the ZSJ.

Files are available only in czech version.