Data on coverage

In connection with the report on the evaluation of the results of coverage of the territory by terrestrial television broadcasting which is made according to the Section 10 of the Government Regulation on the Technical Switching Plan, CTU prepared survey of more detailed information on the status of implementation of terrestrial digital television broadcasting. This information was extended to include digital radio broadcasting and is being updated depending on more fundamental changes to the structure of digital networks.The aim is to provide comprehensive information about the possibilities of receiving terrestrial digital and analogue television broadcasting in various locations in the Czech Republic for general viewing public.

It should be noted that calculations on terrestrial TV broadcasting are the basis for the mentioned information on coverage, which were made by the procedures laid down by Decree no. 163/2008 Coll., on the coverage of terrestrial television broadcasting signal and according to the Recommendation ITU-R. Because of a statistical calculation method using a terrain model without considering the buildings and other obstacles on ground surface, it is possible that the real coverage TV signal  will be different in some areas and locations (especially in the peripheral areas covered of individual transmitters  or in urban communities). Calculations of coverage are also related to the case where the receiving antenna is used with appropriate technical parameters and placed at a height of 10 m above the ground level or on building roofs in case of buildup area.